3 Essential Exercises in Muscle Building Without Weights

Dec 21, 2022 my blog

Muscle building is one hot sport today. Some may indulge in muscle building because they primarily want to lose weight and some want to be a professional bodybuilder and join many bodybuilding competitions. Nonetheless, the most common problem that a person may face in indulging in this sport is the cost of going to the gym. If you are rich enough you can buy your own bodybuilding equipment. However, these equipments don’t really come cheap.

That is why a lot of us prefer to muscle build without weights. Below are the essential exercises you can do to muscle build without weights. Doing them in the correct way will let you get a more efficient and faster result.

1. Pull-ups
One vital exercise in muscle building. This exercise builds up the back and arm muscles. You just need a steady beam to hang yourself into. A doorway bar is good, or you can even build one for yourself using one solid beam of wood and supports. One common mistake when people do pull-ups is that they do not know the right technique in executing this exercise.

The secret to pull-ups is momentum. Pull your hands vertically and not sideways, which is often what people do and another thing is making sure your hands are not to close to each other.Make them parallel with your body. With this technique, you can easily pull yourself up without any strain. Remember, we do not want strain to occur in our body. Strain does not build muscles it inhibits them.

If you can’t pull yourself up then you can ask help fromĀ Testosterone Propionate someone to give you leverage, or you can strap yourself in a resistance band which can also give you leverage.

2. Push-ups
This type of exercise builds up the muscles in the chest, arm and shoulders. The correct position for a push-up is you must lay chest down with your hands in shoulder level. Next your palms should lay flat on the ground and must be about shoulder-width apart. With this position, you will experience less strain but more muscle movement, which is needed for muscle building.

Instead of looking down when doing push-ups it is best that you look forward. This allows you to do the full leverage of the push-up making this exercise more efficient. The next thing you must do is to push yourself up until your arms straighten out. Pause for a moment and slowly lower your body until you go back to the starting position. Repeat these steps for several times but do not over exert yourself. Take a rest every up-down motion to reduce the fatigue in the muscles.

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